Love Letter’s

  • Natasha & Julien

Natasha & Julien 

Looking for a photographer? You would be LUCKY to land Chloe Jackman for your event. […]

  • Chloe-Jackman-Photography-Gardener-Ranch-Wedding-2014-865

Brian & Meredith

One of the best decisions we made about our entire wedding was hiring Chloe!! She […]

  • Chasity & Chris

Chastity & Chris

Chloe is by far and away the best photographer I could have chosen for my […]

  • Kim & Katy

Kim & Katy 

The first time I worked with Chloe was a surprise proposal to my wife wife. […]

  • Ben & Belinda

Ben & Belinda 

Looking for a photographer is stressful–between comparing prices, nailing down availability, and picking an editorial […]

  • Andrea & Steven P

Andrea & Steven P

Our wedding was magical for many reasons, one huge part of it was Chloe Jackman […]