Chloe did an absolutely amazing job photographing our wedding. She was entirely professional, making sure to get the lay of the land beforehand so as not to try to get family members who don’t talk to each other in the same photos, for example, and she also made the pictures fun and enjoyable to take. she took a lot of traditional photos that you’d expect to see in an album, as well as some really fun and offbeat ones that I honestly like better than the traditional ones.

Our venue was well lit for atmosphere but not so well lit for picture taking, but Chloe scoped it out beforehand and brought all the equipment she needed to make sure the lighting in pictures would be appropriate.

Both she and her second shooter were entirely respectful and polite to all our guests, but they also playfully moved people around as needed and got even the most stoic of our friends and family to smile like they meant it.

I can’t recommend Chloe highly enough… she was a total pleasure to work with, and our photos will be a treasured possession forever!