Our wedding was magical for many reasons, one huge part of it was Chloe Jackman Photography.  Chole is simply amazing.  Both my (now) husband and I are pretty camera shy and even though we knew having a photographer was important for our wedding memories we were still a bit nervous about it all.  Chloe made us feel right as ease from the engagement shoot (as a side-note I always thought that these were a waste of money but it is a great way to meet the photographer, get rid of any jitters and making sure they know how to photograph you well!).  My husband loved her and hammed it up for the cameras.  Chloe remembered all the small details of things we liked (including hamburgers, ice cream, birding (husband), reading (me), hiking in Tilden and our adventurous travels) and incorporated them into our engagement shoot in Tilden.

As for the wedding, she went above and beyond!  First, the top button of my form-fitting wedding dress came off and she fixed it (using the emergency bridal kit that she gave me.  Apparently my husband had something similar happen and they used the emergency groom kit that she gave him).  Second, my parents are divorce (dad is remarried and mom is not) and not only did she check in with me on that and any other possible family stickiness she went up and spoke to my parents (they told me afterwards) separately to make sure they got the pictures they wanted and felt well-cared for and not left out!  And last but not least-the photos!  They are AMAZING.  I was a bit concerned about photographers not being able to photograph people of all colors and shades…not an issue with Chloe.  Me, my bridesmaids (who are my sisters), my friends, parents, etc have told me that they have NEVER looked that great in pictures-including their own wedding pictures.   If you are reading this review trying to decide who to choose, look no further, Chloe Jackman is your photographer!