Goldeneye Winery Wedding: A Gem of a Venue!

Nestled a little east of Boonville, between green mountains in Anderson Valley is this little gem where Leah and David held their Goldeneye Winery wedding on a crispy fall day. Rich ambers and yellows of fall, romantic mist, and an intense winter sky (scroll to see the pretty fields of vines). The elegance of this winery was paired with two out-of-this-world things: the mind-blowing wine they poured (I can’t wait to go back!) and Leah and David’s choice of gold flatware and emerald water glasses on long rustic wood tables. Props to Jenna at Archive Rentals for this dreamy layout!

Leah shined all through the night in her stunning dress with a little peek-a-boo slit down the front and her classy pearl necklace & earring combo. She got all done up and styled by the talented Nika Vaughan. David looked really smart in his charcoal grey suit and lavender tie. The two were officiated by their good friend wearing a black pin-stripe suit and black tie. You laughed, you cried, and you were just so damn happy for them.

A Stunning Reception and Family Mixer

The reception space was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen! Bright Rentals supplied a clear vinyl tent that kept the beautiful scenery in full view as the sun shined, and proved ideal when the rain came later on. Overhead on the dance floor and dining tables were stunning hanging arrangements of flowers and foliage by Mendocino Floral Design. It had the feel of being both a totally cozy and intimate space for the couple and their guests while the clear walls and floral arrangement gave the illusion of an open-air event.

Both David and Leah had been married before and have seven (mostly) fully grown children! Their mixed family is amazing, and it warmed my heart seeing them all celebrate their parent’s love together. My favorite moment of the night goes to Leah’s oldest son for his absolutely epic speech. This guy’s a comedian and a lawyer – (do we call him a Lawyer-Comedian or a Comedy Lawyer?) and he gave the kind of speech that would be impossible to follow! I told him he should be a motivational speaker! I’ll update y’all on his career.

I simply MUST mention the dinner served buffet style by Smoke, and the three-tiered white cake by Sweetie Pies. Take a look at that cake: pure white with clean lines and scarlet red flowers. Just like everything at this Goldeneye Winery wedding, it was wonderfully sophisticated.

Cutting a Little Rug

There are two types of weddings. One where it’s a struggle to get people to dance, and one where you can’t keep people off the floor. As the sun went down and the DJ plugged in, can you guess which type of wedding this was? Of course you’re right! Scroll to check out the most organized unorganized dance party ever.

Meeting David and Leah and getting the privilege to capture their dreamy wedding was an absolute delight. While it isn’t normally my style to take a ton of portraits (because the candid moments are so special) I had to capture that together, David and Leah are a couple with the most supportive and bright kids. Congratulations to you both!


Venue: Goldeneye Winery

Planner: Zoe Braga Events

Rentals: Bright Rentals

Decor: Archive Rentals

Hair/Makeup: Nika Vaughan

Floral: Mendocino Floral Design

Catering: Smoke

Cake: Sweetie Pies

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