My adorable baby cousin Valentina is already 7 months old, I feel like I just got the call that she had blessed the world with her presence and now she’s 7 months old, before you know she’ll be 16!!!  Which is why I was so excited when my cousin’s asked me to come do a session and even more excited when I saw ALL the fabulous outfits, I mean seriously they were so stylish (I really wish they came in my size…especially the giraffe swim suit set!).

So Mike & I made a day of it, going to their house after our friends wedding the day before.  In usual Brent & Yolanda style we ate delicious food, enjoyed fabulous wine and had a fantastic day with our family!

Happy first Mother’s Day Yo!  Love you guys!!!

Valentina_0001 Valentina_0017 Valentina_0015

Such a sassy little ladyValentina_0007

We can’t forget about Princess Coco


Valentina_0012 Valentina_0010

Just hanging on my baby lounge chair and yes of course it’s milk in my martini glass!Valentina_0003

Matching outfits for momma and her girls…good job poppa!Valentina_0005 Valentina_0013 Valentina_0008 Valentina_0014 Valentina_0011

Ridiculous right?  I could just gobble her up she’s so cute!Valentina_0002