Fabulous Bat Mitzvah Photography with Jamie and Her Entourage

I think it’s fair to say that Jamie had an absolute blast over the weekend of her Bat Mitzvah! She was surrounded by family and tons of friends all weekend celebrating with her. The ceremony was held at Congregation Kol Shofar in Tiburon and does not allow photography except for in one spot, but that’s OK!  Jamie and her family wanted photos commemorating this momentous weekend as a family around the celebration location and San Francisco. They were looking for something fun and imaginative, and not just another boring set of 19th-Century-stoic posed photos.

Lucky for them, I am the QUEEN of fun photos and fun we had! I spent the morning before the big day with the whole family having a blast on Baker Beach and around the Presidio. We took some really great shots and I snuck in a few photos of the parents being super cute, much to Jamie and her sister’s disgust. 

Presidio Party!

It wasn’t my first photo rodeo at The Commissary, and in fact, it’s one of my favorite event venues! The food is to-die-for and it’s the perfect space for a party complete with a dance floor (check out this wedding with amazing dance moves I shot there).

Now, I know you may be thinking it was difficult getting a bunch of teenagers on the dance floor. False! These kids had the time of their lives thanks to the Denon & Doyle Entertainment Group

The Little Decals Went a Long Way

Jamie’s family friend Justine Rubin of Justine and Jaci designed a perfect logo for Jamie with her initials and a heart in blue with fun splatter paint background. It was made into stickers, put on sweatshirts that the kids got to take home, and was even made into a stencil for spray-on tattoos from the lovely folks of Happy Cake Facepaint. The logo was a really nice touch and is in nearly every photo of the party!

Bat Mitzvah photography has its own character. All my work is about capturing our significant days, moments, or milestones, but Bat Mitzvahs (and Bar Mitzvahs!) are the only ones that celebrate both youthfulness and adulthood, and the photos seem to capture that precise moment in between. See for yourself below!

 It was a real honor to be with Jamie’s and her whole family on this special day. Mazel tov!

Jamie outside the Commissary San Francisco Outside the Commissary SF Black and White in the Presidio Sisters in the Presidio San Francisco Bat Mitzvah photography in San Francisco Family photography in San Francisco Presidio Sisters in San Francisco Family photography in the Presidio Family photos in San Francisco's presidio Golden Gate in the Background in San Francisco Baker beach san francisco Sneaky photo of cute parents Cakes for the Bat Mitzvah Bat mitzvah photography in san francisco Spray-on tattoo for bat mitzvah Jamie's bat mitzvah logo The Commissary SF hors d'oeuvres Bat Mitzvah photography at the Commissary SF Candies and the good stuff at the Commissary Bat Mitzvah photography in San Francisco Private party at the Commissary SF Bat mitzvah photography in san francisco Celebrating a bat mitzvah in san francisco Guests dancing Bat mitzvah photography in San Francisco Bat Mitzvah at the Commissary San Francisco Dancing for a San Francisco Bat Mitzvah Mitzvah DJ at the Commissary SF Bat mitzvah photography celebration Kids playing limbo at a bat mitzvah Kids breakdancing at a Bat Mitzvah Singing karaoke at a bat mitzvah Father and mother at their daughter's bat mitzvah