Looking for a photographer is stressful–between comparing prices, nailing down availability, and picking an editorial style, I was overwhelmed before I even began my search. I stumbled upon Chloe while searching on APracticalWedding.com. I looked at her page, then reviewed a few more photogs, then toggled back to Chloe’s page, then looked at some others…I carried on like this for days. But I always came back to Chloe. Why? Every picture on her website captured great emotion and realness. She had a diverse range of customers, and wrote at length about working with families from different backgrounds during big (read: stressful!) events. Her photography and her words really grabbed my attention.

A few weeks later we met in person. I wanted to hire her five minutes into our wine date. I waited a day before emailing to let her know that we didn’t want anyone but her at our wedding. We didn’t speak with any other photographers and I do not regret that decision one bit. Hiring Chloe was the best, and frankly easiest, part of wedding planning. She’s straightforward and transparent–her prices are on her website in plain view. She’s got an opinion, but she’s not pushy. For example, I didn’t want to do engagement shots–Chloe let me know the advantages of doing them, but when I decided against it, she was totally cool with my decision.

My husband and I are currently reviewing pictures from our November wedding, picking which ones we want to include in our album–and my face hurts from smiling so much! Chloe is an amazing, energetic, funny, crazy smart businesswoman. We’re so happy we got to work with her, and so happy we can now call her a friend!