Brrrrride and Groom!

Meet Val and Avant! They met in college at the University of Colorado, Boulder at a party that Avant threw. Val and Avant became friends immediately as you do, and later became roommates which eventually led to dating! That was 10 years ago, and in 2018 they lived their best lives during their Breckenridge wedding.

Val and Avant are beautiful humans whom I’m lucky enough to call friends, so of course, their wedding would be surrounded by pure magic!

Did Someone Order A Perfect Breckenridge Wedding?

As a personal side note, this is the first wedding the Hubs and I shot together, and he did SOOOOOO flipping amazing! I am one proud wifey. 🙂

Now the reason we’re all here, this wedding, oh this wedding. The tears, the laughter, the deep inspiring love, the magic, and the snow. Oh, the breathtaking snow only a Breckenridge wedding could have! (Can you tell I’m a bay area girl?) It had barely snowed in Breckenridge all season and then just like that when they arrived earlier that week, the sky opened up and by the time the weekend was over, there was something like 30 inches of snow!

The snow came just in time for their Winter Wonderland wedding style. Guests where dressed to impress at Val’s favorite outdoor ceremony space. The lodge served as the perfect venue. It was woodsy, romantic, and classy.

It’s All In The Details

From the rich navy velvet tablecloths, to the gold flatware one of her besties flew to the wedding with her suitcase (seriously she had a suitcase full of flatware!!!), to the thoughtful gifts both Val & Avant gave to their wedding parties (watches, ties, beer mugs, made from animal tusks for the guys and amazing, Sorell boots for the ladies -see below!), gold cassettes with the guest table number, and the snow, and so many other magical things! Gahhhh!  #AllTheFeels

But by far one of our favorites and also closest to our hearts was that they had the Supreme Court Case number from the Loving vs. Virginia engraved on the inside of their rings to honor the journey their parents and every interracial couple before them, took to be together. That ruling struck down all laws banning interracial marriage.

Like I said, not a dry eye anywhere, I’m seriously tearing up writing this.

Dancing The Night Away

Val and Avant have excellent music taste. They walked down the aisle as husband and wife to “La Vie en Rose” by Louis Armstrong, and their first dance was “Hard To Concentrate” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Needless to say, there was LOTS of dancing and celebrating that night. Then as if they hadn’t wowed us enough, they rolled out in Dumb & Dumber outfits for the last 30 minutes as an homage to the movie being shot in Breckenridge, oh and they have a deep, deep love for costumes! 🙂 See the epic photos below!

The dancing was awesome as Val glided across the dance floor in her Pronovias gown and STUNNING emerald colored Badgley Mischa shoes. Her Givenchy earrings sparkling like the snowflakes falling gently outside. Avant dancing along with his bride and the looks they exchanged reflect a bond that’s been growing since the day they met. My heart melted capturing these two and their deeply rooted tribe. So much love!

I am genuinely thrilled for these two, and I can’t wait to see what adventures they embark on next. Wherever they go, I know it will be magical as they have each other. Congratulations friends. <3



Dress: Pronovias

Earrings: Givenchy

Shoes: Badgley Mischa