Just about everyday I get the chance to say these exact words:  “my job is awesome” and often it’s because of all the amazing people I get to meet and things I get to see and do,  this shoot was no exception! I had the honor of helping Caccia Plumbing create some awesome new imagery and in the process I got to see some really amazing things from their weekly plumbing class for the crew, to what a dirty job plumbing can be ten feet under any given street, to installing solar water heaters.  Like I said…Awesome!

For more about Caccia: http://www.cacciaplumbing.com/

Caccia Plumbing_0002 Caccia Plumbing_0001 Caccia Plumbing_0003 Caccia Plumbing_0007 Caccia Plumbing_0008 Caccia Plumbing_0009 Caccia Plumbing_0010 Caccia Plumbing_0004 Caccia Plumbing_0006

We evne had sometime for some awesome family pics!  Adorbs!!!

Caccia Plumbing_0011 Caccia Plumbing_0005