So I have missed the last three Catalano family Easter’s because of work and the last two Uncle Ralph (well to get technical my “future” Uncle, but let’s be honest when am I ever technical?), has asked me to take family pics because there is so much family in one place and I was thrilled that this year I could actually do it.  It was a hilarious and eventful experience and I found myself cracking up often while editing the images and I had to share some of my favorites because my “future” family is adorable!!!!  Thank you for more amazing memories!


Catalano Easter_0003 Catalano Easter_0004
Catalano Easter_0005 Catalano Easter_0006 Catalano Easter_0007 Catalano Easter_0008 Catalano Easter_0009 Catalano Easter_0010 Catalano Easter_0011 Catalano Easter_0012 Catalano Easter_0013 Catalano Easter_0015 Catalano Easter_0016
Catalano Easter_0017

Thank you Uncle Ralph and Aunt Linda for making this all possible!!!Catalano Easter_0014