Not only do I love my wedding photos, but Chloe was a gift to have throughout all of my wedding planning and the ceremony. Chloe is more than just a photographer! She has a vision for the entire experience and knows how to make it all happen, and gets amazing results. She help me to relax and enjoy. She made me feel comfortable and she is oh-so professional and fun. She has such an amazing personality that helps her orchestrate her shots and makes the experience enjoyable for everyone. She is honest, direct, encouraging, and very resourceful. It seemed like she was always at the right spot at the perfect time! Chloe paid attention to my own individual style and needs and yet implemented her own creativity and gave me exactly what I wanted. In the end our love and personalities was so apparent in our photos. I cannot thank her and her team enough. There are so many wedding photographers out there, so many wedding photos seem generic and look like the next…you will find so much more with her. She surpassed all of my expectations. Her talent is evident in her photos. However, she is a holistic photographer, very unique, and a perfectionist. Get her! You will love the results.