I’ve known Erica and Belmer since before there was an Erica and Belmer and I have loved seeing their relationship grow and develop over the years and was over the moon when I met their adorable son Levi and couldn’t wait to meet their scrumptious daughter  Oceana (who I had only met previously in her momma’s belly).  Then their’s Cleo, my old friend Cleo…let me explain, I used to housesit for Erica and Belmer and I would hang with my girl Cleo (she’s the dog in case you hadn’t figured that out yet), we would go on adventures to Bernal hill and spent lazy afternoons in their fabulous backyard.  So needless to say I was thrilled for the opportunity to capture this beautiful family full of love, laughter and sometimes a tantrum 🙂 and with Grandma in town for Levi’s birthday the timing was perfect.


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