Lori, who I have called Hurwitz since meeting in my ninth grade English class many years ago (18 to be exact!), married the love of her life last month in typical Hurwitz style. It was fabulous, creative, vibrant, heavily influenced with writing, reading, and books.

Hurwitz has been there for and had much to do with the many milestones in my life, from giving me my first and only referral in English class (for talking too much!), to helping me with my graduation speech, my college essays, to attending my graduation from UCSB, helping with my business, and even correcting my grammar on my Facebook posts. She has been there through it all! Imagine my excitement when I found out that she was getting married and I would be the one with the privilege to help her and her now-husband Adam capture their memories.

Before starting our work together, I told her awesome husband Adam that I would most likely still call his wife “Hurwitz” because breaking an 18-year habit would not be too likely.  Fortunately for me, he tolerated my Hurwitz obsession!

Adam and Lori met on OkCupid.com and bonded over their love of reading, specifically A Prayer for Owen Meany by their favorite author John Irving. Because Lori is an English teacher and therefore a huge grammar geek, she found Adam’s use of proper punctuation and ability to play with language very sexy.

This beautiful match got engaged at the equator, outside of Quito, Ecuador with a story all romantics can look up to. Adam got down on one knee such that one foot was in the southern hemisphere and one foot was in the northern hemisphere. He told Lori “I stand here at the equator, the semicolon of the earth if you will, and ask if you’ll do me the honor of becoming my wife.” How could Lori say no?

Knowing Lori’s love for punctuation let me tell you that she loves the semicolon. She loves it so much that she used the definition (with a couple additions) and symbol all throughout her wedding. The semicolon is 1.) An underappreciated punctuation mark that connects two complete, related clauses, making one stronger, more interesting, and frankly more awesome sentence than either clause could make on its own. 2.) A metaphor for Lori’s ideal relationship: the connection of two strong, complete people into one whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Lori and Adam’s wedding was a very personal one that they wanted to be different from all other weddings they had been to. They took extra time to honor lost loved ones and cherish the family and friends who were able to attend.

Five years ago Lori’s best friend and college roommate Molly passed away. As a bridesmaid of Molly’s wedding, Lori was sad not to have her best friend there for her big day, but was very lucky to have her daughter Remy stand in and her son Max to be their ring bearer. To make sure that Molly was with them on her special day, Lori used fabric from her bridesmaid’s dress from Molly’s wedding to make the ring bearer pillow.

Also remembered on their special day was Lori’s Nonnie, who died almost 20 years ago. As a way to include her memory in the wedding, they used the bag she sewed for Lori’s parents’ wedding to hold a glass (really a light bulb) that Adam stepped on at the end of our ceremony. This Jewish tradition is supposed to help people to remember that joy must be tempered, because bad things have happened to their people over time.

To keep things unique, Lori and Adam opted for the Black Hawk Automotive Museum in Walnut Creek as their venue. Turns out it was a really great place for a party and made for some fabulous wedding photos!

Lori made a stunning bride with her hair done by friend of 27 years Lisa Breheny, light and comfortable makeup by Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry, and fabulous wedding dress with matching coat by Lea Couture. Sparkling in the light, Lori’s engagement ring designed by Alex Sepkus and customized by Pave Fine Jewelry, included blue, green, pink, and purple sapphires.

Lori’s friend Emily Nusbaum who although is not a professional florist, made all of the whimsical and lovely centerpieces, bouquets, and corsages/boutonnieres with flowers that were picked out at the Flower Mart in San Francisco the morning before the wedding.

As mentioned before, the overall theme of the wedding included a semicolon, au ; lh (a combination or Adam and Lori’s initials), which was printed everything, even the customized Recchuiti chocolates and fabulous wedding cake made by Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes. The cake was a masterpiece made to look like a stack of books by Lori and Adam’s favorite authors. Not only were the details perfect, but it also tasted insanely good!

Continuing with the literary theme, instead of numbering their tables, Lori and Adam named them after the authors whose books were on the cake. Each table had centerpieces comprised of books by the author the table was named after and each person’s place card had their name and the name of the author at whose table they were seated. The books were meant to be additional favors, so lots of people took books home with them.

The wedding could not have gone as perfect without the help of coordinator and invitation/table cards/thank you cards designer Justine Young. She made a complete, cohesive look for the wedding and on top of that, took care of all the wedding day details so that Lori could have fun, and most importantly, be relaxed on her special day.

Hurwitz, I couldn’t be happier for you both and I can’t wait to hear all about the adventures this love takes you on.

I wish you both a life full of good books, long laughs, and fond memories!


poem from adam birthday 2012

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Thank you my amazing second shooter Michelle Govang!!!

Coordinator: Lady J Designs – Justine Bagale
Caterers:  Scott’s catering – Rebecca Webster – 925 648 1434
Dressmaker: Lea Couture — Lea Ditson
Cake:  Debbie Does Cakes – Debbie Goard
Makeup:  Nikol Elaine Make-up Artistry – Nikol Elaine
Flowers: Emily Nusbaum – eanusbaum@gmail.com
DJ: 21st century sounds  – DJ Arren
Wedding Jewelry:  Pave Fine Jewelery  – Amy Tomsick