These two are adorable and the close members of their family they brought with them to celebrate their love and their right to legalize their union, complete the adorable-ness factor.  After being a wedding photographer (and lets face it…a woman) as long as I’ve been I’ve come to understand that love shines through in so many different ways.  From reserved and borderline stiff, to in you face, to almost gross and everywhere in between.  But just because it looks different on the outside doesn’t mean that its not meaningful in every way on the inside.  That being said, the way these two beautiful women love each other is so obvious and transparent.  From the way they get lost in each others eyes in a room full of people, to the way they giggle over an inside joke, to the delicate way in which they embrace each other to the way they love their daughter…there is love all around them and that is amazing.

However where they come from, that kind of affection between two people of the same sex isn’t accepted and is down right frowned upon and for two people who love each other so outwardly it brought tears to my eyes to hear them talk like giddy schools about how happy they were to be in the Bay Area where that kind of behavior is welcomed with open arms because their love for one another is accepted and even nurtured here!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your beautiful celebration of love and for my gorgeous bracelet (these two are also amazing and thoughtful gift givers!!!)

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Wedding Officiant: Mark Hespeth