The bride and her maids aren’t the only ones that deserve to look and feel like a million bucks come wedding day. Most wedding magazines cover the importance of the brides dress; however, it’s equally important for the groom (and his husband if applicable) to look his best!

A well-dressed wedding party means memorable photos of your family and friends looking their very best.  Every shirt, jacket, and pair of trousers crafted by J. Hilburn begins with fabrics from world-renowned Italian mills. My goal is the make the groom(s) and his groomsmen look (and feel) like sharp dressed men.

One of my favorite wedding blogs A Practical Wedding recently wrote a a post about a similar topic : Dear Photographers: Grooms are not Props and I think that is fitting since this is all about making sure the Groom or Grooms look smashing on their big day too!

Now let me introduce you to J. Hillburn stylist Aimee Williams.



Not all men are created equal

Most men do not fit in a shirt they find off the rack – the sleeves are too short, the shirt is too long or the shoulders are too narrow or too wide. J. Hilburn is about customized fit, which is why we come to you, wherever you are, for your fitting.

To ensure that your groomsmen look as sharp in their wedding photos as the bridesmaids, the most important detail you need to pay attention to is the fit of the shirt. A custom fitting is essential! With a custom fitting, I make sure that arm holes are the right size, sleeves hit at the right part of the wrist, and there’s no bulk when tucking a shirt into trousers. Not only will you have someone to make sure your shirt fits, but you also have a personal stylist to help you pick out fabric, color, neckties, and accessories that are the right combo for both Mr. Right and his entourage.


What does the twenty-first century suit look like?

Keep it simple, yet elegant. While large window pane is back, and double breasted suits are giving it another go, you’ll get more mileage out of a navy or pebble grey suit with a simple double button front. And its all about the fit. Most men buy jackets that are too big, for example a size 42 rather than a size 40. Try on one size smaller and if it makes  you stand up tall, then its a better fit. Even a cheap suit can look better than an expensive one if it has been tailored an inch or two on the sides – this creates a broader shoulder.


Q&A from the Expert

What are some examples of contrasting fabric? Colors? etc.

Make a slate grey shirt pop by adding a two toned silver interior collar and placket; then top this off with smoke colored buttons and maroon stitching. Or take a plain herringbone white business shirt and add a navy stitch in the button holes, now you can use this for your business or social wardrobe without buying two shirts

How do you know if the shirt fits?

There are several things a man should know about the best fitting shirt.  Here are two of those things: The one finger rule – Make sure you can comfortably fit one finger between the collar and your neck. More than one finger means the collar is too big. Always ask for a “slim” fit shirt.  Most men’s shirts are available in this fit whether going custom or off the rack. A classic fit is usually too billowy and can make a man look less svelte


Get to it!

Because the fabrics we use are in high demand, our supply is sometimes limited, but contact me at and I can discuss your timeline, our inventory, and the cost of your order.  In general, our custom shirts and made-to-measure suiting deliver in about 3 to 4 weeks after you place your order. We strive for 100% satisfaction from our clients so if you are not happy with the fit or performance of your purchase, you can return it for a complete refund.

Don’t forget to accessorize! J. Hilburn has a wide range of accessories to choose from whether you need a new every day leather belt, a special occasion tie, or a warm scarf for the Winter. Find them here.

Weddings are an exciting endeavor for me.  I hope I can contribute to the experience of your wedding and make it a truly unforgettable event.  I love to travel, but I do limit my services to the greater Bay Area.  If you are outside my travel zone, please email me and I will connect you with one of my colleagues.


I don’t know about you, but there are few things I like better than a well dressed man…

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