On a fabulously gorgeous day in May,  Don & Yesi gathered their family and their closest  to celebrate the promise they would make to each other and to their baby on the way that will soon make their family 3.5 (if you include the furry 4-legged baby they already have).  Yesi made a stunning, glowing bride surrounded by her gorgeous ladies in their vibrant coral dresses, while Don was a handsome and proud groom with his dapper boys by his side.

Everything about this day made you feel love, it was over flowing like the fountain in the center of the bar.  Sometimes you meet people and you just know…you know that the love between them is real and genuine and lasting…when you see them and the way they look at each other and hear the intensity and truth behind their words and you watch the emotion bubble over…you just know.  Thank you for sharing your intimate day with us. I’m so very happy for you both and I can’t wait to see your family grow.  Congratulations!!!


Cigar Bar Wedding_0060 Cigar Bar Wedding_0016 Cigar Bar Wedding_0022 Cigar Bar Wedding_0025 Cigar Bar Wedding_0017 Cigar Bar Wedding_0020 Cigar Bar Wedding_0029 Cigar Bar Wedding_0032 Cigar Bar Wedding_0027 Cigar Bar Wedding_0030 Cigar Bar Wedding_0018 Cigar Bar Wedding_0015 Cigar Bar Wedding_0023 Cigar Bar Wedding_0033 Cigar Bar Wedding_0024 Cigar Bar Wedding_0031 Cigar Bar Wedding_0026 Cigar Bar Wedding_0035 Cigar Bar Wedding_0036 Cigar Bar Wedding_0037 Cigar Bar Wedding_0038 Cigar Bar Wedding_0039 Cigar Bar Wedding_0040 Cigar Bar Wedding_0041 Cigar Bar Wedding_0042 Cigar Bar Wedding_0045 Cigar Bar Wedding_0043 Cigar Bar Wedding_0044 Cigar Bar Wedding_0046 Cigar Bar Wedding_0047 Cigar Bar Wedding_0048 Cigar Bar Wedding_0050 Cigar Bar Wedding_0051 Cigar Bar Wedding_0053 Cigar Bar Wedding_0054
Cigar Bar Wedding_0057Cigar Bar Wedding_0058 Cigar Bar Wedding_0056


Thank you to Maddie of Hart & Sol for shooting with me all day!

Venue: Cigar Bar

Coordination: Meredith Espinoza mespinoza@viansa.com

Make-up: Nikol Elaine

Hair: Aya Kamagawa

Love: Everywhere