These days you just don’t hear stories like that of Ursula & Dylan (except for her parents!).  Highschool sweethearts who not only survived their teenage years together but most of their twenties and have now taken the next glorious step; marriage!  I couldn’t be more excited for them and for how perfect this San Francisco Zoo wedding was for these two animal lovers and HELLO!?  Their Wedding was at the ZOO!  They fed a Giraffe named Kristen, pet an adorable hedge hog and a ferret got to pose with a Bald Eagle and ride a carousel, and we wont even get started on how wild the dance floor was.  They have spent years blending their lives and today it came full circle with this love-filled celebration.

Ursula and I go way, way, way back to our days where “Rooftop was a feeling”  (that’s our elementary school song!) and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her and Dylan.  I can’t wait to hear how Hawaii was!

Thank you to my amazing second shooters and saviors Justine Young & Matt Todaro  and to Michelle Lagandaon one of the best coordinators I know!!!  It was an honor.