My Aunt always says: “This isn’t a dress rehearsal honey, it’s your life” and she’s right. I think it’s easy for us to forget to enjoy each moment, embrace every day, and appreciate all the amazing things that life has to offer. Yeah shit get’s hard sometimes, really hard in fact, but if we never know hardship then how could we ever appreciate the good? So I challenge you to LIVE your life. To choose to embrace it…to stop talking about the things you aren’t doing and to start doing the things you WANT to be doing. The possibilities are endless.

Changing your whole life for the better can seem a bit daunting, so together we’ll take baby steps. Together let’s take a deep breathe…take a moment to reflect and decide to do at least one thing over the next seven days that will make us truly happy, or something that will make someone else happy and lets see how good it feels when we consciously decide to love the life we’re living!

Life Big


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