stella & dot


We get great joy out of designing irresistible jewelry. And yet, jewelry is just the tangible expression of something much greater we are creating. We have a vision of the world where STRONG WOMEN LIVE BOLD and joyful lives. They know what they want and they work for it. They inspire each other. Passion and joy are their best accessories.



So some of you might call this shameless self promotion…and you’d be right!  I’m so excited to share my new venture with you and with all the fabulous sparkle and shine we have to offer you should be excited too!


So what is Stella & Dot? Why is it fabulous and why should you check it out?

Stella & Dot began in 2003 in Jessica’s living as she worked nights and weekend to create a jewelry brand…I can totally relate to where she was.  Working tirelessly towards you dream, which clearly worked out quite well for her as she now owns a fortune 500 company.  By 2006 she had reached a million in sales.  By 2009 “despite a dreary economy, Stella & Dot shines – growing over 760% and launching over 5,000 flexible careers.” By 2012 the company spreads to a global scale and by 2013 I joined the world-wide team and have loved every second of it.

I believe in women, I believe in women based businesses, I believe in taking our lives in our own hands and as an entrepreneur I not only believe in the hard work that it takes to follow your passion I believe that everyone has the potential to do so.  With motivating opportunities like this in the world what’s stopping you?


So what does this mean?  It means that you should stop by my site and explore the sparkle, that you should think about the people you know that might need some sparkle too and then we should set up a party so you can get some fabulous free sparkle, get in some quality time with the ladies in your life and sip on a little champagne!




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One more thing that makes them great…aside from the life time guarantee and the patent on every piece so you never have to worry about seeing your sparkle in a department store!

“Stella & Dot’s Social Responsibility Program clearly communicates our expectations around responsible production and sourcing practices. We hold our partners to high standards not only on the quality and safety of our products but also the quality and safety of the work environment they provide. Our partners are proactive in finding ways to benchmark their compliance and track progress in areas such as human rights, health and safety and fair wages and we provide them with clear feedback and direction by benchmarking their performance against industry, country and global standards.”

I can’t wait to host a show with you either in your home or online!

Happy Holidays!