This year I’ve had the pleasure of doing mini sessions for the fabulous families who send their wee ones to Bunker Hill Pre-School.  We still have one more day of shooting happening later this month and I can only imagine how awesome it will be since I’ve already had a blast with the fabulous families I’ve met!

Here is a little speak peak into some of my favorite shots 🙂

The Beck Family

SanMateoPortraits001 SanMateoPortraits003 SanMateoPortraits018 SanMateoPortraits004
The Crowell Family
SanMateoPortraits005 SanMateoPortraits007 SanMateoPortraits008 SanMateoPortraits009 SanMateoPortraits010 SanMateoPortraits011
The Huffman Family
SanMateoPortraits012 SanMateoPortraits013 SanMateoPortraits014 SanMateoPortraits015 SanMateoPortraits017 SanMateoPortraits016
The Gorman Family
SanMateoPortraits019 SanMateoPortraits020 SanMateoPortraits022 SanMateoPortraits021 SanMateoPortraits023