What are “Tangible Memories?”

In a digital world, it’s easy to forget the value of creating tangible memories that will last your lifetime, your children’s lifetime and their children’s lifetime. Something real they can hold in their hands to remember you and your greatest moments.

A few years ago we celebrated both my boyfriend’s (now husband’s!!) parents on their 35th anniversary as well as his cousin’s 25th wedding anniversary. On both occasions I watched the family flip through the wedding albums and gaze at the beautiful framed 16×20 wedding photos that they’ve had on their walls since the weddings. These tangible memories, these real, printed photographs brought the past into the present and brought everyone together.

A photo album is a perfect example of tangible memoriesprinted photo album

Photos you can Hold in Your Hands

I see my clients get overwhelmed by their digital files. It’s no surprise as digital photography allows us to literally take as many photos as we can. I’m sure you know about this, too, and take loads of photos with your phone and then struggle with the quantity, or the ease of actually getting those photos printed. I see my clients sometimes post only a few images online and then totally miss out on the experience of holding the pictures in their hands!

wedding day pictures in a tangible memories album

A Case for the Printed Album


How many of you have had a hard drive crash, a cell phone get stolen, had something gone wrong with your cloud storage, or some other catastrophe that caused you to lose years of photos or precious data? I’ve experienced enough of this data loss in my life, and never had a fire or flood (knock on wood!) damage my photo albums. Not only that, but are my kids and grandkids really going to transfer, maintain, and update my hard-drive and dropbox accounts generation after generation? There is a case to be made that printed, archival-quality albums may survive longer because they can literally be handed from one person to another.Childs birthday party photo album leaves tangible memories

Make some Tangible Memories!

I’m here to help ease that process of creating real, tangible memories and albums that will bring a smile to your and your family’s face for years to come! I’ve written these reference blogs to help:

Canvas Wall Art

Here is a guide to print/wall art sizes to help in your decision making process and encourage beautiful memories that fill the walls in your home!

Beautiful Albums

Here is a guide to the stunning, press-printed photo books I help my clients design for their weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any memory they want to hold in their hands!

printed photo album book with gold lettering

You’ll Love the Result

Trust me, you’ll really love printing your photos and memories into beautiful albums. You, your kids, and your grandkids can hold these albums in their hands and flip page by page to relive some of your best moments. Let’s get started! Contact me if you have any questions, I’m here to help!