If you’re reading this then you are likely in a situation where you need the best possible photos at a great price point. You probably have a huge milestone event approaching. Possibly a wedding, am I right? You can go ahead and stop reading this and call Chloe and HIRE HER NOW. Go ahead, I can wait.
Good, you’re back. That wasn’t very difficult now was it? Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed at all. If; however, you’re still a little apprehensive then follow me, will you, through my wonderful experience of working with Miss. Chloe Jackman.

My wife and I were recently engaged and were in the process of planning our wedding. We had the venue, food, drinks, music, well everything picked out except for possibly the one thing that matters the most, the photographer. We had met several and never felt that they quite meshed with our personalities until we met with Chloe over a bottle of wine in the Ferry building. Instantly we hit it off. She was actually more interested in our story instead of just running through the usual wedding photographer’s pitch. She was fun to have a drink with, basically someone that we would have WANTED at our wedding, regardless of the camera. We liked her, we hired her. We were not disappointed.

She met us up in Marin over happy hour beers and oysters for our engagement shoot. Everyone can take pictures right? Sure, but not everyone can set up shots and angles that can get truly original photographs out of very mundane everyday situations such as drinking a beer with a friend or talking to your son. Not everyone can bring the utmost professionalism while also offering the utmost FUN! Our house is surrounded by framed reminders of that engagement session.

On the wedding day Chloe and her team were very focused, very professional, very fun and full of energy. Chloe even made the obligatory wedding party pictures fun. You know the ones where you stand around and take a picture with everyone you’ve ever met for what seems like months? Well because of her energy and her ability to keep everyone loose and laughing, even this session went by painlessly. I can’t praise her enough for how GREAT she is with kids besides saying this. She’s GREAT WITH KIDS! You’ll find out for yourself though since by now I’m sure you’ve already hired her and are just waiting for this review to end. Don’t worry dear reader I only have a few more praises for Chloe to share with you. She does all these great things like bring a photo booth to the reception and surprises you with amazingly awesome flip books that unfold like accordions of memories to remind you of your special day.

Well the venue is under renovation, the food has been eaten all the drinks have been drunk and the music has faded, but because my wife and I trusted Chloe with our wedding we have the most amazing photos to always remember the night we got together and had a party.

Having Chloe shoot our engagement and wedding was like having a friend taking our photos, if our friend just so happened to be one of the BEST PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE BAY AREA.

-Mr. Gautam S.