Question Numero Uno: “What Do I Wear!?”

So one of the questions I get asked most when approaching a photo session is “What do I wear?!” As I much as I like to think I am super stylish (which occasionally I can be), I certainly don’t feel I know anywhere near enough to give fashion advice to anyone else. You like cheetah print and gold? Well, then maybe we’ll talk.  These are the reasons why I am so excited to share this nugget of fashion information with all of you chic Bay Areans (yes, I just made that word up).

Ambiance, Your San Francisco Personal Stylist!

Have you ever been to any of Ambiance’s 4 San Francisco locations? If not you’ve definitely been missing out. To give you a little background, Ambiance San Francisco was founded in 1983 at their original location in Haight Ashbury. Since then, they have opened 3 more locations and have become one of San Francisco’s favorite boutiques. I have been shopping here for years and am in LOVE! I love that each store has its own sass & style, I love the black striped branding, I LOVE that it’s owned by a local husband and wife, and I LOVE their clothes! The items Ambiance carries are accessible to most women in San Francisco, ranging in price from $5 to $450. There’s something for everyone!

Now, here’s the real deal….

Only the most stylish ladies work at Ambiance San Francisco, which means that they have a wealth of style advice for you. Although not many know it, you can call ahead and say “I’m a size 10 (almost there!), I have approximately $275 to spend on an outfit for my engagement session, I love bright colors, and I’ll be there in an hour.” By the time you get there, they will have already styled a great selection of outfits for you to choose from. Hello personal stylist in a neighborhood near you!

I know that asking for help is sometimes difficult, so to encourage you to make your way to your local Ambiance store, mention this Chloe Jackman Photography blog post at the time of checkout and you’ll receive 10% off of all your styled items.

To get you inspired for your style session, here are some of Ambiance’s items from our first Styled Shoot earlier this year.

Stay tuned for the Summer style!

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