Getting engaged to be married is supposed to be this peak, life-altering experience – one that can be made incredibly stressful by unrealistic expectations and comparing yourself to the Joneses.

I get to take part in people’s fairytales all the time – romantic engagement sessions in the woods, adventurous sessions in the city, cozy rainy day sessions – you get the idea. Somehow, I had built up in my head this perfect picture of how getting engaged was supposed to look and feel, just like a lot of us do in this age of pristine social media feeds. The reality was, well, different.

What I learned about getting engaged and keeping your engagement period real and stress-free:


5 things I want you to know about getting engaged:

  1. Don’t get caught up in the fairytale drama. Instead, tell your story your way.
  2. Put away the Pinterest envy, and appreciate what you have and know that your story is beautiful.
  3. As long as you know you’re with the person you want to marry, how you get there doesn’t matter!
  4. Don’t fall victim to the hype, just be happy.
  5. Live the life you love and love the person you’re with.


same sex couple getting engaged in san francisco

couple standing on a bridge at their Tilden Park Engagement session

same sex couple smiling and reading good in Old Mill Park Mill Valley at their engagement session


More soon on the First Steps to Take After Getting Engaged and How to Choose the Size of Your Wedding! 

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Hi! I’m Chloe, and I’m a wedding photographer – who just got married. Having been on one side of the industry for so long, you would think this whole process would be a breeze for me. You would think.

I’m creating these videos to walk you through my own wedding planning process, warts and all, in the hopes that it will encourage/inspire/help/amuse some of you.