Happy #TBT!!! I’m super excited to share this beautiful blast from past with you today! It’s crazy how fast time goes by, this wedding was almost 4 years ago and while I still remember every moment of this glorious celebration I had forgotten how fabulously I captured it,  so young in my career.  Yes, I realize I’m tooting my own horn, but as a creative sometimes we look back on things we’ve done and cringe at where we were in our style and skills and while I’m sure I hated what I was wearing 4 years ago, I’m thrilled with the sweet story I told.

A few weeks before Jon & Balandra tied the knot, they called me with some amazing and very secret news…they were pregnant!!!! So when I tell people that as photographers we are often therapists, coordinators and ultimate secret keepers…it’s the truth!

Their wedding was full of sweet intimate moments because they were surrounded by their closest friends and family and was the ultimate DIY way before DIY was a thing,  with everyone pitching in to make it perfect!  Even with the complete downpour changing the wedding from outdoor to indoor (and me not having an assistant to hold an umbrella except for their 5 year old niece) the day went off without a hitch, they said I do, Balandra wore Uggs, they shared their happy news, Jon played his love song to his beautiful bride and mother to be…it was so magical.

Now 3 and half years later they are expecting their second child, I’m so happy for guys!  Thank you for sharing such a special experience with me!