I’ve known Marjorie and her family for years; I met them while working with her sassy older sister at a mortgage company, back when I had a grown-up office job.  I love all of them and have spent wonderful afternoons eating, drinking, and being merry with them at their family home in Pinole.  So when I heard the news of Mar’s (that’s her nickname) engagement to Jon, I was over the moon, because it was so damn obvious to everyone who knows them, meets them, or just passes them on the street that they are madly in love and make each other as happy as two people possibly can.

Mar and Jon both come from large families full of love, and that was totally clear on their wedding day.  After attending and shooting their engagement party, I was able to meet much of Jon’s family and see how well the two families were going to blend together!  On their wedding day, as tensions and stress can tend to accumulate with so much to accomplish in so little time, it was so sweet to see siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and parents all doing their part and playing their role to help make this merry matrimony happen.

As with most of my brides, Mar confided in me once or twice that she wasn’t sure how the day would turn out, having never done anything like it before. I responded with the same thing I tell all my couples with similar concerns:  “It’s going to be perfect, because it’s all about your love for each other.  The rest is just icing on the cake… literally.  Besides, you’re not supposed to be an expert at this, because that would just mean you got married all the time!”

Despite Mar’s concerns, let me tell you: down to every last detail, their wedding was STUNNING!  Her gorgeous beaded Sottero Midgley dress that trailed long and gracefully behind as she made her way down the aisle of St. Paul Church.  The fabulous salmon colored bridesmaids dresses on the beautiful bridal party, complemented by the grey tuxedos that Jon and his handsome groomsmen wore.   The centerpieces that stood tall on the tables with pastel flowers draping off of them. The cake… can we talk about this gorgeous 4 tiered cake?  It was so delicately adorned with detailed designs and colorful flowers; it almost looked too good to eat!  All these wonderful aspects and so much more made this wedding perfect in every way and blew everyone’s socks off!

I can’t wait to hear all about their amazing honeymoon to the Virgin Islands (they just got back).  Congratulations love birds… we couldn’t be happier for you both!!!


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As usually a ginormous thank you my bestie and amazing second shooter Justine of Lady J Graphic Designs
Venue Coordinator: Lolita Wong,  LWong@LafayetteParkHotel.com
Videographer: Thomas Hughes Films , info@ThomasHughesFilms.com
DJ: Jason Shire of Quantum Music Event Planner, Jason@QMEPlanners.com
Florist: Park Florist, Basyex3@aol.com
Cake: Le Gateau Elegant, LeGateau@msn.com
Chairs & Centerpieces: Sekos Events Decor, JoeandGrace@SekosChairCovers.com
Hair  Make-up: Jacquelyn Schober from Bare Essentials