I’ve known Mar for years and was so very excited when I found out she was engaged and equally (maybe a little more excited) when I found out that I would have the honor of shooting what I know will be a fabulous wedding!!! Jon is her perfect match and oh so in love with our little Mar as she is with him and it shows in everything they do, not to mention everything I see on facebook and instagram as I currently stock them..just a little.

They LOVE going to Giants games together, hence their engagement session being at AT&T park and as you scroll down you’ll see a cute little stuffed bear (who I named “Valentino” because he was given to Mar from Jon on Valentines day and he still hadn’t been named!), he joined us for our shoot to help solidify their Black & Orange spirit and to be an adorable addition to our day.   Not to mention his cute little bat is perfect for Mar’s ring!  We were thrilled when we got to the park a realized it was open to the public that afternoon, but really mad when we got kicked out of the bleachers because of some private event.  Not to worry, we snuck down anyways and snapped a few…take that security!!!!

After our ballpark adventures we headed to Half Moon Bay, the infamous place of Jon’s proposal, which we all had a good chuckle over hearing how smooth it didn’t go.  Here’s what I’ll tell you…it started with “we need to talk” and I’ll let your imagination tell what was going through Mar’s head when he said that!  So of course we decided to give Jon a do-over and I must say it went perfect…see for yourself!

I can’t wait for August 3rd!  It’s going to be amazing!


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