I’m so excited to share this session because Mariah and Hedger have been friends of mine for years…it’s crazy to get the point in life when you can say you’ve been friends with people for years!  Anywhoot, now they are expecting a little boy or a little girl and we (our posse) couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome their new life.  In  our usual fashion Mariah’s maternity session was a group event with Annie’s backyard as our backdrop (we did Annie’s session here 2 1/5 years ago before the birth of her adorable twin daughters who can be seen below being sassy little models) and Margo as the stylist and with Mariah striped down almost nothing until we took full advantage of the afternoon sun and gorgeous fabrics until our final group shot complete with outfits for everyone including me and the dogs!  We finished our afternoon with a delicious BBQ and time around the fire pit reminiscing on our days as young ladies running a muck (and while we can still get down, with the get down, the truth is we are all growing up and embarking on our next adventure).

I love you guys and can’t wait to get the call to join you in the delivery room and welcome your little schmoo into the world!  Congratulations you are going to be amazing parents!


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