Tamyra found me through a Living Social deal I ran for family portraits last Spring and after a few chats on phone they had chosen me to capture what I knew would be beautiful wedding but it wasn’t until T and I became friends that I began to understand just how  gorgeous, romantic, and emotional their day would be.  I was in awe of the details, colors and overall look and feel of their day,  from the antique suitcases, to the doilies and wedding dress made by her mom, to all the fabulous DIY decor …it was stunning.

These two gorgeous and fit love birds met at the gym they both used to work at (did I mention how fit they are?  Tamyra was actually my personal trainer for awhile and she did a fabulous job of kicking my butt!)  They began their relationship in secret as co-workers, but their undercover love was forced to the surface with amazing news that they were having a baby.  First came Olivia who is 4 now,then two years later little Casey and when Matt made his loving fatherly vows to his two beautiful daughters during the ceremony there wasn’t a dry eye in the house…ours included!

I’m so happy for you guys and ALL the love you have!

Radonich Ranch_0156

Radonich Ranch_0093

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Radonich Ranch_0179

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Thank you to my amazing 2nd shooter and bestie Justine!!!

Venue: Radonich Ranch
Coordinator/Caterer- Marky Carr 408.529.4039, markycarr@me.com
DJ- Los Gatos DJ Cassie Dresti 408.356.7717
Make-up- Nikol Elaine Make-up Artistry
Hair- Curtis Looney 415.664.4800
Flowers- Maureen (Tamyra’s aunt) 925.360.4499