Earlier this year I spent some time in Southern California (it’s a good plan, in January). I was ostensibly in the Palm Springs area for Heather & Josh’s desert wedding, but I can neither confirm nor deny that I really also went for #ThatPinkDoor and other amazing Palm Springs architecture.

#ThatPinkDoor: Palm Springs Architecture Represent!

It’s not just that pink door; there are other pink doors, and blue and orange and yellow and more. It’s almost like the neighbors decided to have a Front Door Contest and nobody knew when to stop.

And, of course, if you take the dusty road out of town you find yourself in the most amazing desert scapes. Those hills, the clouds, that sky and the magical desert light – I was entranced.

And the wind farms. Wind turbines as far as the eye can see.

Make Your Own Sunshine

Go ahead; whatever you were doing, you need a break. Scroll through the amazing sights of Palm Springs; close your eyes and feel the sun on your skin, the sand slipping through your fingers. It’s sunny somewhere, I promise.

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