August 8, 2016 Editor’s Note: Julie & Christina’s wedding has been featured on the popular wedding site Catalyst. View it here.

Julie and Christina met at roller derby and bonded over laughter, whiskey, and some sweet skates!

I basically had to lift my jaw off the floor when they contacted me and said “Our idea is to have some on-site photos at Golden Gate Park. Roller skates will be involved, too.” But can you blame me?  Two beautiful, sassy, hilarious women in love on roller skates = amazing.

When I arrived at Golden Gate Park, Christina was cruising by on her skates, smiling with Julie close behind. I knew instantly that we were going to have a blast, which of course we did!

During the shoot, Julie and I found our fun torturing Christina with mushy moments and snuggly photo ops. It was priceless to watch her squirm and “pretend” she didn’t like it. 😉 By the look in their eyes, no onlooker could deny the love between these two. Their matching smiles lit up the park!

I can’t wait for our next big adventure next coming Fall when these two crazy kids get hitched!

Congratulations love birds!

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