Having shoots like this is so much of why I love my job, when I get to be a part of your story, part of the special moments, the kind of moments that change your life forever.  Meet Ryan & Liliana (again), they are clients who have become friends and I have loved every adventure we have taken and I couldn’t be more happy for them and their new chapter…a baby!!!

Two years ago (almost to the day of our session) Ryan called me on a Sunday night asking if I was available two days later to shoot his City Hall Elopement to his soon to be wife Liliana (I LOVE how spontaneous elopements can be…so romantic!).  So we met in the lobby, signed the paperwork and had a intimate ceremony just me the judge and the two love birds, then we hoped in a limo and drove around the city shooting and had a fabulous afternoon celebrating there love…see!

Presidio Maternity_0040

THEN 6 months later Ryan called me and said we’re having our big celebratory wedding in Mexico with our friends and family…can we bring you down to capture our next chapter? My answer was…DUH!!!  Of course I would love to, so we did (Justine came too…bestie vacation!).  Gorgeous right?Presidio Maternity_0041

So in their usual style Ryan gave me a call on a Sunday afternoon…”Hey Chloe, guess what we’re having a baby! ”  Me: “What?!?! That’s so exciting, I’ve been waiting for this news from you guys!  When are you guys due?”  Ryan: “In 3 days, think we can schedule a maternity shoot?” Me: “What?!?! 3 days!  Holy crap!  This is why I love you guys..let’s do it!”  So on her due date we went on a wild adventure through the Presidio ending at Baker Beach, where their Elopement session ended 2 years earlier.  It was cold and windy and Liliana was an absolute rockstar changing from one little outfit to another and it was all worth it becuase lil’ Valentina is going to have wonderful, loving images of her parents BV (get it?  Before Valentina!).  I can’t wait to meet her!

Presidio Maternity_0014 Presidio Maternity_0017 Presidio Maternity_0018 Presidio Maternity_0022 Presidio Maternity_0027 Presidio Maternity_0028 Presidio Maternity_0029 Presidio Maternity_0031 Presidio Maternity_0032 Presidio Maternity_0034 Presidio Maternity_0035 Presidio Maternity_0037


…and just to bring it full circle we took this one again, but instead of a wedding dress and a suit, it parents getting ready for their very first lil’ schmoo!Presidio Maternity_0042