Collin and Brian are such a fun and loving San Francisco chic couple, . They met while at one of their favorite bars, The Lookout. On a night that was meant to be, both of them were at the Lookout, Collin was rushing down the stairs, Brian spotted him as he was walking in, followed him around the corner to get a better look, and the rest is history!

A San Francisco City Hall Wedding

This four-part (with some extras!) wedding celebration was started on a Friday at one of my favorite wedding venues in San Francisco, San Francisco City Hall, with just their immediate family and a few close friends. The ceremony was incredibly touching with not a dry eye in the house. For me, there is always something extra special about same sex ceremonies because not only does the ceremony represent the love that the couples shares for one another, it also represents overcoming what the law once said was not allowed. We should ALL have the right to marry who you love and I’m so happy I got a chance to witness and photograph Brian and Collin’s beautiful San Francisco City Hall Wedding.

The Celebration Continues in True San Francisco Style

With big smiles, Brian and Collin’s friends and family made their way to the next phase of their wedding day, lunch at Absinthe which took a little longer then they expected because after all it was a celebration! Now, I must mention this couple’s fabulous sense of style. Each event included a new outfit for Brian and Collin, topping the one before. Bow ties for the win!

Post-bar hop, the wedding reception kicked off at Arguello in the Presidio.  The theme of the celebration was “A Lovely Day” and everything was decorated in black and gold, my favorite! The venue prepared delicious cocktails, to-die-for Mexican cuisine, and churros! The reception finished with a slideshow of Brian & Collin’s lives, put together by friends. There were tons of laughs and awwws to go around!

When everyone was stuffed with churros and cheeks hurt from laughing, the group hopped on a shuttle bus and went off to where Brian and Collin’s love all started, The Lookout, and partied the night away!

Saturdays Are For Food Trucks & Roasting Marshmallows

That’s exactly what they did! The day after their wedding, Brian and Collin gathered their loved one’s (those who could muster through their hangover) at SPARK Social SF to enjoy the day with food trucks, marshmallow roasting, and even full body prints of themselves! Yes, I said full size prints of them! Amazing. They reserved a big empty bus and a s’more station so people could flow in and out as they pleased, then there was the food.  The best cure for the hangover that inevitably ensues after a celebration as good as theirs is damn good food being sold out of a Truck, roasting marsh mellows and cake made by their dear friend.  Naturally they ended the day barhopping in the city and on Sunday morning headed up to Wine County with family and friends to close out the weekend. Well done guys; I’m impressed!

I’m so happy that Ben & Belinda put us in touch and so honored you chose me to capture your lovely weekend.  Cheers to a lifetime of damn good memories!


“We Do”

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A Lovely Day

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The Afternoon After

SPARK Social San Franciscosame-sex-san-francisco-city-hall-wedding-chloe-jackman-photography_0092 groom drinking wine wedding napkins same-sex-san-francisco-city-hall-wedding-chloe-jackman-photography_0095 grooms cutting wedding cake grooms cutting wedding cake wedding cake same-sex-san-francisco-city-hall-wedding-chloe-jackman-photography_0100wedding party at SPARK Social San Francisco wedding party at SPARK Social San Francisco sam sex wedding party at SPARK Social San Francisco grooms with children same-sex-san-francisco-city-hall-wedding-chloe-jackman-photography_0105 grooms at spark's social san francisco same-sex-san-francisco-city-hall-wedding-chloe-jackman-photography_0107 wedding party at SPARK Social San Francisco SPARK Social San Francisco


Ceremony Venue: San Francisco City Hall

Lunch: Absinthe

Reception: Arguello

Bar: The Lookout

The Day After: SPARK Social SF