So with the landscape of everything drastically changing in the last two months, I’ve been pouring myself into discovering my way forward. Into recreating and reshaping who CJP is and who figuring out who I want to be and what will bring me joy. I am so excited to share with you this exciting & creative new direction in product photography. It’s a beautiful compliment the Branding & Lifestyle work I’m already doing and obsessed with, and bonus…I’m focusing on fellow small businesses and San Francisco product photography!

It is the natural progression I had planned to explore…in my own sweet time… but then Coronavirus, so let’s dive in head first!

Everyone Shops Online

Customers today don’t have time to browse through stores looking for the perfect product. Or even if they will eventually walk into a store, they’ll probably look up what they want and where to get it online first. Even huge brick-and-mortar stores have websites for people to do online research before making in-person purchases. In either case, the photos they see on your website will give off their first impressions.

First Impressions Mean Everything!

Obviously, online customers can’t pick up your products, but they want to feel as if they can. Having a combination of clean product shots from different angles and awesome lifestyle shots in the real world help customers imagine the product in their daily lives. Professional San Francisco product photography can help you achieve it.

It can be tempting in the age of smartphones to just snap your own images for ecommerce, but high res, crystal clear, well lit, and perfectly staged photos (like the shots I did for Alana Botanicals below) really elevate your brand and makes you stand out in a sea of choices.

Lifestyle Photos Are on a Whole Nother Level

People are far more difficult than products to photograph well. The slightest change in angle can make the difference between stunning and frumpy. Or worse yet, they can look like those printed-on-the-side-of-the-box, way-too-perfect-family vibe. Nobody likes that.

In my studio we can work with different backgrounds, staging, props, and outfits to find the right look. loved working with Stephanie at HSH Interiors (also a Clement street neighbor!!) in the studio to create her epic product shots below with bold colors and awesome homewares.

Also, you (yes you) can be in the photos! The shots I took for Eden Body Works include founder and badass boss babe Jasmine. I really like seeing the people behind the products, and so will your customers.

Add Some Sparkle to your Brand

I am so excited to help other local businesses survive and thrive in this new landscape we find ourselves in. I want to build community and be a collaborator in your success, so please reach out and let’s make some fucking magic! Times are crazy hard for all of us, please don’t hesitate to reach out and start a conversation.

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