The first sign that Shawn & Lina are meant to be is, well, they LOVE each other and that is so clear clear from every smile, look, touch and moment they are near eachother.  The second sign was that on a Spring day in March the weather was perfectly sunny and beautiful at the Zoo,  yes you heard me, at the Zoo!  They gathered their family and closest friends to come celebrate the next chapter of their lives at the very place their first chapter together began.  Through their touching vows I learned that their first date had been at the very place where they committed their love for one another 6 years later.  What’s even more exciting is that two will soon become three as they are expecting a little schmoo to be blessing their lives in just a few months.  2013 is definitely their year!

Thank you for sharing such a special and intimate day with me, I can’t wait to see you as parents! Congratulations!

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