So earlier this year (January to be exact…I’m playing a little game of catch up), we took a trip up to Tahoe with some friends to shred the mountains and while the shredding was only moderately successful we had a blast!  On our way home, Mike knew, as he always does that there would lots of stops on the way so I could take a million pictures and I gotta say he has become an awesome ‘get away’ driver, especially since I love sneaking into places I’m not supposed to be to get the best picture.  Love you Boo!


Lake Tahoe_034
Lake Tahoe_001 Lake Tahoe_002 Lake Tahoe_003 Lake Tahoe_004 Lake Tahoe_005

Look at this adorable little Gingerbread house!!!Lake Tahoe_006

See, my perfect getaway driver!Lake Tahoe_007 Lake Tahoe_008 Lake Tahoe_009 Lake Tahoe_010 Lake Tahoe_011 Lake Tahoe_012 Lake Tahoe_014 Lake Tahoe_015

We took a detour into Auburn…adorable!!!Lake Tahoe_016 Lake Tahoe_017 Lake Tahoe_018 Lake Tahoe_019 Lake Tahoe_020 Lake Tahoe_021 Lake Tahoe_022 Lake Tahoe_023

My handsome fellow…I LOVE when he has a beard!!!Lake Tahoe_024 Lake Tahoe_025

enough said.Lake Tahoe_028 Lake Tahoe_029 Lake Tahoe_030 Lake Tahoe_033 Lake Tahoe_031 Lake Tahoe_037