These two are adorable, in love and AWESOME together.  They met some years ago at a bar…but not the way most people meet in a bar…they were co-workers at the fabulous 540 Club.  She fell in love with his work ethic (I’m not kidding, she really said that!), he fell in love with her and her questionable cooking skills, they bonded over their love of tequila and the rest is history.

I LOVE Stern Grove and am always thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot there and when you combine that with Dia De Los Muertos themed wedding, I’m in Heaven.  Andrea’s Grandmother passed away on  November 2nd a few years ago and so this wedding was a beautiful way to celebrate their new love and the lives of the people no longer with them.

Stephen and Andrea did a fabulous job with all their DIY favors and decorations, this wedding was a true group effort and it went off without a hitch.  From the decorated wine glasses the doubled as favors to the decorated salt for the tequila shots, to the adorable themed  match boxes to the flowers that Andrea did with her friend and planner everything had their personal touch.

I recently asked Andrea how married life was treating her and she responded: “Oh it’s great! Much like the living together life with pretty rings. :)”  That put a huge smile on my face, what a perfect  description.  Congratulations you two!

SternGroveWedding070 SternGroveWedding001 SternGroveWedding006 SternGroveWedding002 SternGroveWedding008 SternGroveWedding007 SternGroveWedding010 SternGroveWedding011 SternGroveWedding018 SternGroveWedding012 SternGroveWedding009 SternGroveWedding013 SternGroveWedding015 SternGroveWedding014 SternGroveWedding016 SternGroveWedding017 SternGroveWedding019 SternGroveWedding020 SternGroveWedding023 SternGroveWedding021 SternGroveWedding024 SternGroveWedding025 SternGroveWedding026 SternGroveWedding027 SternGroveWedding028 SternGroveWedding029 SternGroveWedding031 SternGroveWedding030 SternGroveWedding032 SternGroveWedding033 SternGroveWedding034 SternGroveWedding035 SternGroveWedding037 SternGroveWedding038 SternGroveWedding039 SternGroveWedding041 SternGroveWedding042 SternGroveWedding043 SternGroveWedding044 SternGroveWedding045 SternGroveWedding046 SternGroveWedding047 SternGroveWedding048 SternGroveWedding050 SternGroveWedding051 SternGroveWedding052 SternGroveWedding053 SternGroveWedding054 SternGroveWedding056 SternGroveWedding057 SternGroveWedding058 SternGroveWedding059 SternGroveWedding060 SternGroveWedding061 SternGroveWedding062 SternGroveWedding066 SternGroveWedding065 SternGroveWedding067 SternGroveWedding064 SternGroveWedding063 SternGroveWedding068 SternGroveWedding069

A Huge thank you to Matthew Gillooley for being a fantastic second shooter!

Venue: Stern Grove

Coordinator: Ivana Kurian,

Food: Slider Shack,  Joshua Meadow

Dress: David’s Bridal

Make-up: Benefit

Hair: Michael Page Style Lab

Florist: DIY

Matchboxes: DIY

Wine Glasses: DIY