Hello hello! This resource is for those wondering what to bring to their photoshoot at Chloe Jackman Photography Studio! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help formulate some studio photography ideas before you arrive for your day of glam. 

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Personality Shoots

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Professional Shoots

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It’s all about you! Personality photos aren’t necessarily for work or your Christmas cards. You’re not wearing a uniform or outfit you only wear once a year. Personality shoots are about you jiving with yourself and me capture it. 

What to wear: The outfits that are most you. The outfits you feel most comfortable and confident in. Always bring a few outfits (3-4 different looks/color options). If you are looking to get your face done, hire a professional! Makeup info here!

I’ve got it: Make-up mirror, dressing room, clothing steamer, hangers.

personality shoot studio photography ideas outdoor studio photography ideas personality shoot by chloe jackman photography

Family Sessions

I am the QUEEN of fun family photos. I don’t really do matching Disneyland sweaters, stuffy portraits above the fireplace kind of photos, but specialize in the sneakers & jeans candid shots of your family being a family. Or faux fur minx and super swaggy sets if that’s more your family’s vibe. 

Check out my tips for Family Photographs!

family session studio photography ideas by chloe jackman photography


First of all, I don’t own that boring marbled-blue backdrop that all your grade school portraits are taken with or a basic brick wall as a backdrop. We go bright orange, green, purple, black, or will cruise around the neighborhood for urban backdrops. There is no reason for your headshots to be stuffy! You can still be professional and have a personality. 

What to bring: Any tools of the trade. Laptop for bloggers, microphones for podcasters, headphones for DJs, that sort of thing.

What to wear: Your “uniform.” That could mean a polo, apron and name tag, if that’s the photo you need. It could also be the clothes you want to represent your personal brand with. Dress to your industry standards and for your needs. Always bring a few outfits. 

CJP Studios has: Make-up mirror, dressing room, clothing steamer, hangers.

professional head shot for studio photography ideas  studio photography ideas for marketing agency by chloe jackman photography  studio photography ideas with orange back drop by chloe jackman photography studio photography ideas for ceo by chloe jackman photography

Newborns- Yep, I Have a Few Studio Photography Ideas for them!

Bring your baby, bring your brother’s baby, bring your cousin’s baby, bring all the babies for awesome newborn photos. I’m a new mom and totally understand you’ll need to bring the whole world with you. 

Check out my tips for Family Photographs, including little newborn beans!

What to bring: Everything your baby needs, favorite toys, and maybe one or two different shirts, just in case. Babies are messy and sometimes fussy. (See below.) 

What to wear: If you’re planning to be in the photos then bring your hip parent outfits! Always bring a few outfits.

CJP Studios has: couch, chairs, carpets. Nice cozy textures to fix babies on.

new born studio images for Studio Photography Ideas baby portrait in san francisco Studio Photography Ideas by chloe jackman photography new parent portrait for Studio Photography Ideas by chloe jackman photography


We capture our professional and personal lives, why shouldn’t we capture our sexy and intimate lives, too? Boudoir photography can be an exciting gift for someone special but it’s also a unique experience you’ll walk away from feeling sexy, powerful, and confident! We can go as moderate or edgy as you’d like; it’s completely up to you.

What to wear: Whatever makes you feel sexy! Common boudoir outfits are bra/panty sets, thigh-high stockings, and corsets. Completely nude is also an option. Bring a robe, too!

What to bring: Props (use your imagination)!

CJP Studios has: Heated private studio and private dressing room. Big comfy chairs, couch.

 boudoir studio photography ideas  studio photography ideas outside boudoir by chloe jackman photography studio photography ideas for boudoir shoot by chloe jackman photography


Same as above wear what makes you confident! Do bring your makeup to touch up your look! Shoots can be a couple hours long so be sure to come prepared. Need some help? I know many makeup and hair stylists and can make recommendations. Send me an email to get started!