Some weddings are so authentic, so sweet, that little bits stick to my soul for weeks like the remnants of an amazing dream. Rumana and Mat’s San Francisco City Hall wedding, with his wry faces and her exquisite alternative wedding dress, was one of them.

Kindred Spirits

Have you ever met a couple who seemed to share some great secret, an inside joke just between the two of them? Rumana and Mat are that couple and then some. Their secret is that they’ve got that gooood love and they know it. Editing their photos made me feel pretty mushy, I’m telling you!

I felt a kindred “couple spirit” with these two…she’s the spitfire, the free spirit (like me) and, like Mike, Mat is the solid bassline to the music that makes her heart sing. And can it sing! You can see the pure joy just bubbling out of her in the pictures.

About that Alternative Wedding Dress…

Speaking of Rumana and pictures – Ugh! Gorgeous! Forget white; her alternative wedding dress – a sweet pink top and a stunning floral skirt (Eliza J) – was everything! I can’t get enough of the gorgeousness. Like, really.

Stress-Free at San Francisco City Hall

The wedding was simple, beautiful and nearly stress-free. They tied the knot at San Francisco City Hall…my favorite!!!!! It was one of those perfect City hall afternoons (right before a holiday weekend!) and we got some EPIC shots!  See for yourself!

They had the traditional ceremony with the judge and their family (parents, her brother and his sister). Cue the most gorgeous, thoughtful words from their officiant. And the looks on their faces as they stood there declaring their love!

I’m Not Crying!

After we finished family photos, we sent the family to eat and hung back for some more intimate shots – and they did the sweetest thing ever and read their vows for just each other while I captured it.

It was pure magic. I couldn’t hear them, but I could feel all the feels, saw their eyes well up, heard the giggles and loved every second of it.  Like I always say guys, it’s your story, so tell it your way.

So honored to have been part of your sweet celebration guys. Thank you. May love ever light your way, and may joy be the wind beneath your wings. <3

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Venue: San Francisco City Hall

Bride’s Skirt: Eliza J by Nordstrom

Make-up: Make-up by Summer

Flowers: Bell & Trunk

Groom’s Suit: Suit Supply