At least once a week I have a conversation with a couple in the thick of wedding planning and they are almost always stressed and overwhelmed with the details of trying to plan an event that is in-line with their style and celebrates their love while working hard to make their friends and family happy. When I met Cayleigh of Handmade Events, I knew I had to share! Her PopUp Weddings are sure to bring relief to the modern couple looking for a low-stress fabulous wedding and in a time when it feels like everyone is trying to re-invent the wheel. It’s awesome to meet someone who has.  Let me introduce you to…
Popup Weddings by Handmade Events


What is a PopUp Wedding?

PopUp Weddings is not your mother’s wedding planner. We specialize in unique and stress free weddings with a special twist. The concept behind our company is to plan an event in which the couple’s guests are invited to a “decoy” party such as an engagement or birthday party, to later have the couple reveal that it is their wedding! Fun, right?!


Why choose a PopUp Wedding?

Leaving your family and guests out of planning your special day leads to less opinions, confusion, and objectives. A PopUp Wedding is for the couple looking to have a stress free planning process with smooth execution. Instead of worrying about making everyone else happy, the bride and groom get to lead their guests to a surprising and entertaining evening that they can fully enjoy!

The beauty behind a PopUp Wedding is the focus on the love between the couple. When you get rid of the drama of the planning and pleasing of your family and friends, you can focus on the love between you and your partner. We want you to concentrate on your marriage and we will take care of the rest.

Another unique twist to a PopUp Wedding is the location. We are able to host your wedding in an iconic California location, such as Golden Gate Park, the Santa Monica Pier, the Palace of Fine Arts and many others. If you have a favorite wedding spot in the city of LA or San Francisco, we will do our best to make it happen. If you’re looking for a more traditional venue, the good news is, we can plan that too! Whatever you want, we try our best to make it happen.



Who is a perfect fit for a PopUp Wedding?

Those who would be interested in a PopUp Wedding are spontaneous and adventurous. A PopUp Wedding is perfect for the couple that is looking to have an intimate elopement, an original wedding, vow renewal, or even for their second marriage. PopUp Weddings are for the modern and non traditional couple who want something different.


How to start planning your PopUp Wedding?

Our  team needs at least two months ahead of time to plan your wedding at an iconic location. The more time ahead we have to plan your special day, the better, but we can certainly work on the fly as well!

Have certain vendors in mind you would like to work with? No problem! We can work with anyone. We also have a list of preferred vendors we like to work with in each city that we recommend to look through. From Club House Caravan, the new and improved bar that can roll up to any wedding, to Flashtag Photo that can include your hashtag in all pictures, we have a large list of unique and fun options for you to choose from!



Now that you know…

We would love to speak with you about your upcoming event and how we can help!
To learn more about Popup Weddings, you can check out their website for more details, a look at their past weddings, and contact information. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to be a part of their online community and keep in touch!