This sweet family of 4.5 is near and dear to my heart.

Matt and Melissa have been clients and friends for years. They were one of the first full weddings that I ever shot back in 2010! I’ve had the pleasure of watching their family start from the very beginning: from their loving wedding, to the birth of their first child Madison, and now the birth of their second child, Miles!

In case you haven’t noticed from the photos, Matt and Melissa are huge Boston Red Sox fans. They even named their dog Boston! It was only fitting that when baby Miles came into the world, we make sure his first photos included him in true fan gear. 

I had a blast during this shoot! Big sister Madison was beaming from the excitement of having a new brother. Along with Boston, she took care and watched over her little brother Miles, even when we dressed him up in a Mr. Rogers sweater onesie and daddy’s glasses!

The best moment of the photo session was when I mentioned that I wanted to take some photos of Miles in a cute basket on the front porch and Melissa replied with, “Well, how about an Amazon box?”. Pure genius I tell you! Miles was a special delivery for big sister Madison, laid in gently on a bed complete with bubble wrap! The look on Madison’s face when she saw her package was priceless.

Congratulations to Matt, Melissa, and Madison! Baby Miles is gorgeous and I’m sure will look back with proud eyes knowing his first few photos were of him in a Red Sox beanie.

I love watching your family grow and can’t wait for the next chapter!


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