I’ve known Mariah for a million years… well, that number might be a little high.  We’ve been friends since we were 16 and now we are both a few years older, but who’s counting?  The point is she has been one of my closest, most accepting, loving, nurturing, hilarious friends for many years and I’m thrilled to be sharing her new joy on my blog and in my life.

Mariah and her boo Hedger just gave birth to their scrumptious little man, Matisse!  As expected he is adorable… a perfect mix of his parents, and of course full of way more personality than most week old babies.  See for yourself!

Here are a few pics from the maternity session I shot a month before Matisse blessed our crew with his presence.  Love you guys and am so damned happy for you!!!!


Niles Maternity Session_0061 Niles Maternity Session_0058 Niles Maternity Session_0060
Sweet sleepy baby…
Matisse Newborn-3

He’s such a happy dreamer!!!

Matisse Newborn-22

Matisse Newborn-34 Matisse Newborn-43
For some reason this totally reminds of a face I’d see Hedger make…thoughtful yet constipated 🙂
Matisse Newborn-54

Matisse Newborn-61