One of the things I love most about newborn sessions (besides the riculously  scrumptious babies), is that I really get a chance to know the families…we get to hang, usually becuase we’re waiting for the little schmoo to fall asleep, or burp, or cry, or…you get the point and this session was no different. Erin and I talked about life and love and high school sweethearts which her and Matt are and that while they decided to go their own ways for awhile after college fate brought them back together and that’s where they’re going to be from now until forever.  I got to see Matt & Sean reading before nap time, got to sneak some chocolate with Mama and I even got meet grandpa!

Last spring I had the pleasure of shooting this adorable family and got to see Lil’ Sean take the most steps he had ever taken and yes… it was amazing.  So imagine how excited I was when Erin told me they were expecting another little schmoo and these two make especially cute babies…see


Meet Naomi…adorable little Naomi just 10 days old!
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