You’ve gotten a glimpse of Kyle & Whitney’s Montana Wedding and so already know how amazing their parties are. But I’m telling you, these two have “what to do the day before a destination wedding” nailed down!

Cool, Calm & Collected

The whole time we were in Montana,Whitney & Kyle’s cool, calm collectedness set the tone of the wedding and everything. I swear you can see the relaxation rolling off of them in these pictures! And the day before the wedding was no exception.

All Uphill From Here

After the wedding rehearsal, my trusty second shooter and I kidnapped the soon-to-be bride and groom. Time to climb some mountains!

First stop: Whitney’s grandparents house (yes, the teepee grandparents!) where they got engaged the summer before and where the bride got ready the next day, to snap a few pics. Then we headed to Lone Mountain, the breathtaking view a backdrop for even more pictures celebrating Kyle & Whitney’s love.

I think it’s also important to point out that these two lovebirds have matching Lone Mountain tattoos – that’s how much they love Montana!

What to Do the Day Before a Destination Wedding:

The most fun was when we came across a barrel hanging from a tree. Turns out it is used for training people to stay on a wild and bucking horse. Of course we had to try it!

Whitney’s ride was awesome, but when she tried to make the barrel buck for Kyle it became clear that her weight was no match for her strapping fiancé – it barely moved and man, did she try. We were all crying it was so funny!

Friends, Family and Fun

Afterwards we headed back down the mountain to the house Whitney’s parents had rented for the week. There we found a fabulous Welcome BBQ complete with bites, delicious cookies, great laughs, some happy tears and my specialty – hilarious group photos!

And On and On and On…

We were having too much fun to stop, so after the BBQ we walked down the road and across the highway to the local bar. We enjoyed some amazing live music, stiff drinks and awesome dance moves!

Then as if that wasn’t enough, the few still left standing went to the dive bar across the street from the lodge and had a few more drinks & a lot more laughs! We finally had to call it quits: after all, there was a wedding the next day!

Kyle & Whitney, this was such a fabulous way to welcome your friends and family to Montana. Well done! We’re all taking notes…

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What to do the day before a destination wedding