You are in the throes of wedding planning, slowly losing your sanity adding two items to your todo list for each one you check off. You’d like to focus on trying on dresses or picking your songs, but instead you keep having to answer questions about place settings, hors d’oeuvres and timelines. Argh!! Let’s talk about why you need a wedding planner.

As a veteran in the wedding industry, I was sure I knew what needed to happen to make a wedding, well, happen. OMG – I couldn’t have been more wrong. Tamara J Events saved my sanity and my wedding and I now firmly believe in the virtues of wedding planners, whether you do full planning or month of I promise they are magic and oh so crucial for a seamless day!  Check it out!

Why You Need a Wedding Planner:


What you need to know:

  1. A LOT of little details go into a wedding that no one is even supposed to notice.
  2. Your family and friends want to enjoy the party too – a professional wedding planner lets them do that.
  3. A wedding planner can save you from yourself – and a sparkles-&-rainbows wedding. (Just me?)
  4. Pinterest isn’t a substitute for a wedding planner!
  5. If budget is an issue, consider hiring a day-of or month-of planner to help execute the wedding itself.

The things you don’t think about until two weeks after the wedding are the things that’ll trip you up. Did the marriage license get mailed in? What happened to the comfy shoes you kicked off early in the day? Who gathered things left behind by guests? A wedding planner isn’t focused on getting married, and they aren’t drinking – they are just making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

And that’s why you need a wedding planner.

What was your wedding planning experience like? Let me know!



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Hi! I’m Chloe, and I’m a wedding photographer – who just got married. Having been on one side of the industry for so long, you would think this whole process would be a breeze for me. You would think.

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