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Great photography inspires true emotions, captures fleeting moments, incites laughter, triggers tears of happiness, joy and sometimes sadness. For me, being a photographer means having a true talent for encapsulating these moments in any environment.

-Chloe Jackman

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I want to tell you a little more about me and how I can support you. As we continue to ride this pandemic roller coaster and I look towards my new “normal” and mourn the life and damn successful business I had before The Rona…I’m excited to share my resilience and undeniable desire to continue to climb and thrive. I am a proud Black woman, moving forward through uncertainty and doing what I can to support small and medium sized businesses so they can thrive. I have a true passion for helping businesses tell their story through photography, capturing everything from products to projects to the brand that is you!

My first love is family photography and that will never change. I love capturing those special moments in time as families grow and change. I am and always will be a wedding photographer and look forward to the time when we can boogie on the dance floor again. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for events & conferences to come back, rubbing elbows with 5000 people I’ve never met before, the ridiculous amount of swag (go green!), and hearing powerful speakers I might not have otherwise been exposed to. But I’m also immensely grateful for this opportunity to pivot in an impactful direction to support you in any way I can.””

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