About Chloe

I’m really excited to get to know you! A little about me…

I’m really excited to get to know you! A little about me…

I’m a city girl born & raised in San Francisco, who married a boy she met in preschool (ask me more and I’ll tell you all about it).

We have a beautiful son named Alonzo Barack and a one-eyed cat named Isabel, but we call her Bitbit. On any given day you’ll catch me sportin’ cheetah, stripes, turquoise or gold (sometimes all at once), rocking my freckles & fro, and dancing on the job.

After pursuing an undergraduate law degree – mostly because of my deep obsession with the TV show Law & Order – I realized my passion for lawyering didn’t go beyond Hollywood. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara in a booming economy, I tried my hand at working a grown-up job (aka a mortgage company) and you can imagine how well that turned out. I was also spending my weekends taking photos of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful people. So when the economy turned and layoffs came, I was excited for the chance to fully dive into this creative venture I’d fallen in love with to see if it could ever be more than a hobby.

Who knew how deep this love affair would go? My mother always said, “You can do anything and attain any goal you aspire towards.” I just never imagined my work, my passion and my art could all be the same thing and be SO awesome.

How we can make magic 

Over the last few years (before the ‘Rona rollercoaster) I had been transitioning my business to add a more diverse range of services. Realizing that I have a passion beyond weddings (which I LOVE!), my heart’s desire is to support you, my community, using my photography skills to help you tell ALL the stories in all the areas of life.

I’m excited to share my resilience and undeniable desire to continue to climb and thrive. I am a proud Black woman, moving forward through uncertainty and doing what I can to support small and medium sized businesses so they can thrive. Two years ago I opened my first studio and not only has it become my sanctuary during the pandemic but it also allows me to pursue my passion for helping businesses tell their story, capturing everything from products to projects to the brand that is you!

My first love is family photography and that will never change. I love capturing those special moments in time as families grow and change. I am and always will be a wedding photographer and look forward to the time when we can boogie on the dance floor again. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for events & conferences to come back, rubbing elbows with 5000 people I’ve never met before, the ridiculous amount of swag (go green!), and hearing powerful speakers I might not have otherwise been exposed to. But I’m also immensely grateful for this opportunity to pivot in an impactful direction to support you in any way I can.



Fun Facts

  • My mother is Caucasian and my father is African-American. I’m coffee with cream, as my mother used to say.
  • Mike and I have two wedding anniversaries – yep you read that right! We had a huge wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in 2017 and 7 days later got legally married at the iconic SF City Hall
  • Yes, I agree, we should celebrate both every year.
  • Some of my favorite words: eclectic, sassy, hecka, hyphy and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  • I own a complete set of gold sequin pumps, a gold sequin fanny-pack, a gold camera, and a cheetah print everything.
  • I use way too many emojis when texting and emailing.
  • I have a severe plant addiction, which I had long before the 2020 plant craze.
  • I was in a documentary about women’s rights when I was 16…See !I